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Excellent Customer Service

August 14, 2008

Thanks for the updates and for all your help.  I will definately call in the future when we need more light bulbs.

Debbie, LO


Customer Satisfaction

May 23, 2008

Best service I’ve ever had on the web!  Keep up the good work!!!

Laura, Nashville, TN

Experience with Compact Fluorescent Reflector Floods

May 6, 2008

The dimmable R30s are the coolest thing: plenty of light at the right color once they come up to full intensity. But you do have to be patient for 15-20 seconds. The electrician only let me put one lamp in at first before he energized the circuit. He was sure it would explode when dimmed. The general contractor on my remodel intends to recommend them to other clients who express green concerns. Naturally, I suggested you guys as the source.


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